Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Advice from The Man

When I was young my favorite guy in the whole bible was Solomon.  I thought if I could have half his wisdom, I’d be doing great.  He was an amazing king and leader.  Whereas other world leaders in history have earned respect because of their conquests or wealth – Solomon stands alone as the world leader others sought out merely because of his world-famous wisdom.

So I wondered … how did he get to be that way?  I’d study to learn what made him tick, and that’s when I came across the best father/son advice I’ve ever seen.  It’s from Solomon’s father, David, on David’s death bed:
“I am going the way of the world.  Be strong, therefore, and prove yourself a man.”  (1 Kings 2.2)

Solomon may have been the greatest king, but it was his father, David, who built the kingdom.  David had finished the work given to Israel hundreds of years earlier.  He wiped out almost all the Canaanites, unified the kingdom, moved the Torah box (ark) to God’s city (Jerusalem), and established a throne that would last forever.

Now, can you imagine hearing David, of all people, telling you to “be strong and prove yourself to be a man”?  Dang – talk about some big shoes to fill!

Here’s a challenge for you: walk around with David’s advice in your head and heart, and live to be the kind of man David would respect.  It changes everything.

“Be strong – and prove yourself to be a man”
- David (a man after God’s own heart)

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