Monday, January 28, 2013

Forgiveness is Stupid

by Israel Ben-Yahweh (Prodigal’s big bro)

Luke 15.25-32
The wasteful, worthless, disrespectful son came home.  What’s shocking about that? 

When his life was in the toilet, he ran home to safety and plenty. 
Of course!

What do you expect?  He’s always been a bum.  He was rebellious from the beginning.  He always wants things his own way … always disobedient.  Just like that scumbag sister of ours who has become the town tramp.  I’ll bet she runs to our brother, Yeshua and bathes his feet in tears.  Yeshua is so na├»ve, he’ll pretend he doesn't even know what a tramp she is.

Why doesn't our Father have any more self-respect than that?  Why does He allow people to trample all over His Name, His reputation, and even the blood of His own Son? 

Well, I don’t know what His problem is, but I won’t - No, sir.  I've stayed home and followed the rules.  I’m good.  I do just what I’m told, all the time.  Oh, sure, I've made a few mistakes, but nothing big or deliberately disobedient like those two.  Maybe Father will forgive them, but not me.  If Dad asks me to be nice to them, I will.  And if He tells me to forgive, I will – at least as far as anyone can tell.  No way I’m going to just let them get away with doing whatever they want and then simply getting off with nothing more than their apology and return home?  You have to be kidding me!?

Maybe our Father’s that naive, but not me.  No way I’m gonna let people trample on me or take advantage of me any longer.  If those two lazy, worthless people won’t behave themselves, then let them rot.  Why should I pay for their mistakes? 

Now Father has killed my prize calf to put on the biggest BBQ ever seen.  He had him cleaned up and welcomed him home to a huge, expensive party like he was some kind of celebrity or something.  And where did all this come from?  From my inheritance!  This fool already spent his – now Father is taking from what would have been mine and giving it to this one. 

Apparently Father doesn't know what he has done.  I mean if you stop and think about it, it’s disgusting.  The stuff this prodigal boy has done is so nasty that decent folk don’t even discuss such things, much less actually do them.  He’s a drunk, an addict, and a pervert.  His life was so disgusting, even God turned His back on the boy and let his clothes wear out and belly go empty.  Good.

If mercy is so plentiful, why bother being good at all?  Why not just continue in sin, that grace may increase?  After all, it seems to work for this foolish little brother of mine. 

What about you? 

Will you be the doormat of mercy for others like Yeshua?

I say you should join me.  Let’s expect people to be good like we’re supposed to, and if they fail, then to hell with them.  

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