Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Making Babies

"There's no greater love than laying down your life for your brothers," Jesus said.  It's also what Jesus did.  He gave his life so that people could be born again - to become God's children. 

Making disciples is the ultimate act of love.  It's rescue, love, restoration, and rebirth.  When we give ourselves to the task of making disciples, we are bringing new life into the kingdom.  Paul understood this when he wrote to the Corinth church: "I became your father through the gospel." 

This video is a commercial, and it works - because we see a good father's love for his daughter in it.  What if each of the elements here were to be spiritualized?  Can you bring a new soul to Jesus and feel this way about them?  Watch him take his first spiritual steps?  Help her as she grows into a young woman in the Lord, and then one day becomes a spiritual mom herself? 

What's more beautiful than a new child?  Why wait? 
"Go, make disciples, baptize them ... and teach them to obey all I've commanded you" - Jesus

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  1. Love it. The Kingdom of God continues to expand.