Monday, May 28, 2012

The Grand Opening – Shavuot

We’ve had a few meetings, but up until now Godwor has been several different little things, with various people coming and going.  Finally I decided to commit to do this full-time, and (as many of you know) we had our first big general meeting at the McCraribbean on the Hebrew Holiday of Shavuot, 2012.  This day was fitting, since it celebrates the day Israel became a nation, the day the church of Christ was born (Acts 2), and now (of much lesser significance) the day a small band of goofy folks will work together to focus all our energy on being purely and simply followers of Jesus. 
The lesson was not great, but the turnout was wonderful, the food was good, and above all … the fellowship of people who want to worship God by loving people was fantastic! 
Our work will be blessed if we’ll stay true to the teachings of Hebrews 12:
Let us … lay aside every encumbrance (and the sin which so easily entangles us), &
Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us,
Fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith,
Who for the joy set before Him:
endured the cross...

We had fun, eating and playing and visiting, we listened to God’s voice of encouragement from His word, and we endured our first “suffering” (sunshine & toilet issues!). 

 The day was especially blessed for me, because it felt like old times seeing the pool active, and especially a couple of very goofy girls who left me a wonderful “present” on my iPad. 

 Thank you so much for being there for each other, for being such a HUGE blessing to me, and for helping to begin a teamwork that will one day result in a freakishly wonderful, fun, and productive corner of God’s Kingdom.  That day you made our Father smile!

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  1. Hey, thanks Kirk for opening your house! And thank you everyone for making it a fun, and really encouraging day! I left encouraged and hopeful after seeing and talking to the guys from the house-church ... I am hopeful that this group (and future groups to come) will be that kind of family/support group to Dave & I and our girls.

    PS... London couldn't stop talking about the girls and asking me questions about you three... although she identified you by the color of bathing suit you were wearing, but she'll get there... thanks Holly, Malita & Bethany for being cool to her!