Saturday, April 21, 2012


I love almost everything I see from TED.  Tonight I was blessed to see the video that's here, and I hope you'll take a few minutes to watch it.  It's best on a big, sharp screen.  It's not a "Christian" thing, but I wish it were.  I wish I were known more for how grateful I am to our Creator for all our blessings.  Now it's time for me to grow in that direction.

Oddly, just as I was beginning to watch this video tonight, I got a call from a disciple in Huntington Beach.  Tomorrow his son will be born again!  Talk about grateful!  I was shocked and filled with wonder as I consider how great all the things are in this video, and yet how much greater is the gift of forgiveness, love, mercy, rebirth and the resulting eternal life given to us by our Lord.

I hope you'll join me in a prayer of gratitude to our Father for His many gifts - and especially for the greatest of all - His love.

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